Top 8 Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies for Beginners

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Top 8 Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

What is Crypto Trading Strategy?

A trading strategy in the cryptocurrency market is a set of rules and norms that guide trading decisions. It involves the selection of analysis methods, choice of markets, studying graphs, finding signals, and testing the strategy on historical data.

1. Choice of Analysis Method

Before designing a cryptocurrency trading strategy, decide on the analysis method, such as patterns, indicators, or candles.

2. Choice of Markets

Select the market you want to trade, considering options like bitcoin/large-cap altcoins or low caps.

3. Studying Graphs

Pay special attention to studying charts when developing your trading strategy.

4. Finding Signals

Ensure that the signals you use match your chosen analysis method.

5. Testing the Strategy

Test your strategy using historical data to detect and correct errors.

Trading Transaction Components

Each trading transaction consists of essential parts:

1. Entry Point

The price at which a position is bought.

2. Stop Loss

The price at which a position is sold to mitigate further losses.

3. Take Profit

A type of order used to close a position when the desired price has been reached.

Swing Trading Crypto - Guide for Beginners

The best cryptocurrency trading strategies for beginners should be easy to understand and well-tested. They should avoid high leverage and contain clear criteria.

Top 7 Simple Bitcoin/Altcoins Strategies

Here are a few Bitcoin/Altcoin strategies suitable for beginners:

Day Trading

Day trading involves taking a position and exiting within 24 hours. Traders aim to profit from intraday price movements using technical indicators.


  • Momentum Trading: Take a position on crypto with a rising price.
  • Scalping Strategy: Small wins sum up to significant gains.
  • Pullback Trading Strategy: Look for established trends and monitor for price declines.
  • Breakout Strategy: Enter a market early, expecting a price breakout from the previous range.

Range Trading

Identify a range where a cryptocurrency will rise or fall, buying or selling over a short period.

High-Frequency Trading

Advanced traders use algorithms and bots to enter and exit a crypto asset rapidly.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

Invest a fixed amount at regular intervals to average out market volatility.

RSI Divergence Crypto Trading Strategy

Use the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to predict trend reversals before they happen.

Hedging Bitcoin

Take strategic positions to reduce the risk of previous or existing positions.

Trend Trading Bitcoin

Hold a position open for the duration you believe a trend will continue.

How to Design Your Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy

  1. Do Proper Research
  2. Set Goals and Risk Levels
  3. Choose Your Asset
  4. Choose Entry and Exit Rules
  5. Analyze Results and Revise Strategy

Best Crypto Trading Strategy Alternatives

  • Copy Trading: Mimic the trades of professional traders.
  • Staking/Farming: Lock up tokens to earn rewards or fees.
  • Crypto Signal Providers: Follow expert trading signals for buying and selling.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Beginners

  • Binance: Largest exchange with low fees and a wide selection of cryptocurrencies.
  • Bybit: Offers spot, margin, and derivatives trading with useful features.
  • Coinbase: Ideal for beginners with a user-friendly interface and educational resources.


  1. What are the best cryptocurrency exchanges for beginners?

    • The best exchanges are Binance, Bybit, and Coinbase.
  2. How can I earn money passively on my cryptocurrency?

    • Earn through copy trading, staking, and farming.
  3. How can I access the cryptocurrency markets without owning coins?

    • Consider futures trading or contracts for difference (CFDs).
  4. What is the best cryptocurrency trading strategy for beginners?