Tips and Strategies for Beginners
Tips and Strategies for Beginners

The crypto asset class represents an exciting new frontier for traders and investors. But for beginners, the learning curve can seem daunting. The volatility, complexity, and rapidly evolving landscape intimidate novice traders struggling to find their footing.

This comprehensive blog article will explore the most common beginner questions and provide extensive guidance on starting your crypto trading journey. Follow this roadmap to go from crypto curious to trading savvy.

How do beginners learn crypto trading?

Learning the ropes in crypto feels overwhelming initially. But implementing a step-by-step approach makes unlocking this skill attainable:

  • Learn what cryptocurrencies and blockchain are at a high level. Comprehend the technology powering these assets.
  • Research the history and evolution of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Knowledge of the past provides context for the future.
  • Distinguish between the various crypto coin categories like stablecoins, altcoins, meme coins, and more.
  • Paper trading accounts with exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and eToro allow you to simulate real trades risk-free to hone your strategy.
  • Record and review your practice trades to identify flaws and improve decision-making skills.
  • Begin trading real money in small amounts to better understand the emotional aspects and get familiar with order types.
  • Stick to mainstream, highly liquid assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum initially.
  • Maintain a trading journal tracking every trade's logic and outcome. Study your past moves to refine future trades.
  • Read books, blogs, whitepapers, and forums daily to stay on top of developments and deepen comprehension.
  • Listen to crypto podcasts during spare moments like commuting to ingrain new concepts.
  • Watch tutorial videos from experienced traders sharing their knowledge and technical strategies.
With deliberate incremental exposure, self-education, and risk-managed practice, anyone can effectively learn crypto trading.
Understand the fundamentals
Open a practice trading account
Start small with real capital
Expand your knowledge continuously

How do you master the art of cryptocurrency trading?

Like other skills, mastery in trading comes from extensive experience combined with focused education. Follow these best practices:

Develop a proven trading strategy

  • Research and experiment with technical indicators that reveal ideal entry and exit points in price trends.
  • Refine chart pattern recognition abilities to capitalize on breakouts.
  • Implement risk management principles like stop losses, position sizing, and portfolio allocation.
Actively grow your knowledge daily
  • Spend at least an hour each morning researching projects, news, and market analysis.
  • Read books on trading fundamentals, technical indicators, and cryptocurrency mechanisms.
  • Join communities of fellow traders to exchange ideas and effective techniques.
Trade small amounts continuously
  • Trade daily with incremental capital to ingrain skills under real market conditions.
  • Journal each trade's rationale and outcome for ongoing review and improvement.
  • Ensure you trade across a variety of market conditions, not just bull runs.
Review performance and tweak approach
  • Audit past trades to identify repeated flaws in judgment or execution.
  • Refine indicators, patterns, rules, and parameters based on results.
  • Consider automated trading bots to execute defined strategies flawlessly.
Stay humble and adaptive
  • Maintain a student mindset. No one has all the answers. Always seek to learn.
  • Recognize that mastery requires lifelong fine-tuning as markets evolve.

Dedication to continuous incremental progress, education, and adaptation drives crypto trading mastery.

Can you make $100 a day with crypto?

While making $100 daily seems modest, consistently generating these returns trading crypto requires skill. Success hinges on these factors:

Significant starting capital

  • Realistically you need $10,000-$20,000 to trade with enough size and frequency to average $100 per day.
  • Withdraw consistent profits so they compound into greater capital capable of capturing larger gains.

Disciplined risk and money management

  • Only risk 1%-3% of total capital per trade to survive crashes and drawdowns.
  • Use tight stop losses, laddered buys, and incremental profit taking to manage risk on every trade.

Trading savvy

  • Learn to effectively read charts, momentum, volumes, and liquidity to enter and exit at opportune points.
  • Master diverse trading techniques like scalping, swing trading, and futures trading to adapt to market conditions.
  • Gain proficiency across technical and fundamental analysis to spot opportunities.

Time commitment

  • Spend several hours daily researching and monitoring assets to identify ideal trading opportunities.
  • Maintain awareness of news flow and macro conditions that may impact prices.

With sufficient starting capital, rock-solid risk management, diverse trading skills, and a substantial time commitment, achieving consistent daily returns of $100+ is feasible.

Is crypto trading halal?

Islamic scholars debate whether cryptocurrency trading adheres to halal principles according to Sharia law. Generally these factors suggest crypto can be halal:

  • Cryptocurrencies have intrinsic utility and value as technology platforms, making them permissible assets.
  • When exchanged or traded, cryptocurrencies are treated as real assets not debt.
  • Trading cryptos involves real activity, not purely speculation. Assets are not "created" purely for exchange purposes as with forex.
  • Trading cryptocurrencies complies with the profit and loss sharing principles of Islamic banking.

However, some conservative scholars argue against crypto trading:

  • The extreme price volatility violates the Islamic principle of stabilizing and justifying prices.
  • Cryptocurrencies are predominantly used for speculation today, which Islam prohibits.
  • Digital coins enable immoral activities and fraud due to lack of regulation.

Overall, crypto trading likely qualifies as halal based on most interpretations, but individuals should consult knowledgeable scholars to reach their own conclusion. The debate continues to evolve.

What is the most successful crypto trading strategy?

No single strategy consistently outperforms in the dynamic crypto markets. Based on historical results, these proven approaches generate reliable profits:

Trend trading

  • Using indicators like 50 and 200-day moving averages to identify prevailing uptrends and downtrends.
  • Entering trades in the direction of the trend with incremental buy points.
  • Booking partial profits at key technical levels as the trend rises or falls.

Swing trading

  • Spotting trend reversals early using oscillators like RSI and MACD.
  • Entering positions at the start of short-term swings in the opposite direction.
  • Holding trades for days or weeks to capture the majority of swing profits.

Range trading

  • Identifying support and resistance levels that bound asset prices.
  • Buying at support when asset is oversold and selling at resistance when overbought.
  • Quickly locking gains as price reaches projected support and resistance levels.

Risk management

  • Consistently applying stop losses, position sizing, portfolio allocation, and taking partial profits.
  • Maintaining trading discipline regardless of market conditions.

The most successful traders pair strategies with robust risk management.

How to do daily crypto trading?

Trading crypto actively provides advantages for part-time and full-time traders. Here is an effective daily framework:

  • Wake up and review the markets - Check prices, volumes, trends, news events, social media, and Reddit forums to plan the day.
  • Analyze charts to identify opportunities - Spot patterns and indicators signaling entries for short-term trades and swing trades.
  • Place limit orders for daily targets - Set orders for stocks with clear entry and exit points based on pre-defined risk/reward.
  • Monitor positions closely - Watch price action in real time and adjust stop losses as needed to lock in profits or limit losses.
  • Book partial profits on the way up - Sell portions of large positions at preset target prices to compound gains.
  • Close all trades at day's end - Square away all positions at the close to reset and maintain trading discipline.
  • Review performance and refine strategy - Analyze the day's trades to improve entries, exits, and risk management.

With a structured process focused on risk management and continuous improvement, active crypto trading can compound gains daily.

What is the best crypto to trade daily?

The most suitable cryptocurrencies for active daily trading meet these criteria:


  • Must have high daily trading volumes and active buy/sell order books to enter and exit smoothly.


  • Price fluctuates widely intraday allowing well-timed trades to capture 5-10% gains regularly.


  • Established use case, technology, community, and exchange support underpin long-term viability.


  • Clear indicators, patterns, support/resistance levels, and trends that inform profitable trades.

Wide availability

  • Listed on all major spot, derivatives, and leverage trading platforms allowing full access.

Given the above, ideal cryptos for daily trades include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, Solana, Avalanche, Polkadot, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu.

What is the fastest way to make money with crypto trading?

While tempting, chasing quick profits comes with great risk. Two prudent approaches generate consistent income:

Momentum trading

  • Identify coins with major announcements, listings, or launches on the 1-3 day horizon.
  • Buy ahead of the news release and sell into the hype and FOMO as it crosses new price thresholds.
Technical swing trading
  • Time entries for when oversold assets bounce off their floor support levels.
  • Sell portions as the expected swing upward reaches resistance levels.
  • Day trading on leverage/margins risking complete liquidations.
  • Short term gambles on thinly traded, obscure altcoins.
  • Trying to time short-term peaks and valleys perfectly.

Beware of "fast easy profits" that are often unsustainable and higher risk, including:

The path to reliable profits requires managing risk and having patience for trades to develop. There are no real shortcuts.


While crypto trading presents a steep learning curve, it offers life-changing rewards for those willing to master its intricacies. Follow this advice covering the key beginner questions:

  • Start small to gain real experience risk-free
  • Expand your knowledge daily across books, blogs, videos, and podcasts
  • Develop a robust, backtested trading strategy combining indicators and risk management rules
  • Achieve consistent returns by managing risk, money, and emotions
  • Focus on high volume assets with clear trading opportunities
  • Maintain a disciplined process tracking all trades to refine your approach
  • Remain patient and keep growing. Mastery takes years.

Learning crypto trading resembles a marathon, not a sprint. But equipped with the fundamentals, a proven strategy, and unwavering dedication, you can steadily grow into a savvy, profitable trader. The potential to live financially independently makes the effort well worth it.

Now get out there, study hard, trade wisely, and stake your claim in the crypto asset frontier! The opportunities await.